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Welcome to Hungary Property Line

A refreshing change in managing your investment in Hungary.

Our business is now 6 years old and is designed to address a specific market need; that is to offer a personalized service to both landlord and tenant by limiting our portfolio to 80 rental properties.

As veterans of the rental market in Budapest with combined experience of 11 years, it is clear to us that those companies with portfolios of over 150 properties become divorced from their key objective, this being to provide a hassle and stress free investment, especially where a foreign country is involved.

We are aware of many investor concerns that are difficult to deal with in a foreign language and from a different country, not least a regular rental income and direct access to personal service. It is this costumer focused approach that is Hungary Property Line’s clear differentiator.

We offer a very flexible and competitive solution to your requirements that is clearly demonstrated by our full property management service of only 12% (+ VAT). In addition our offering includes although is not limited to;

   1. You will not incur a management fee when your property is empty providing a financial respite to you and further incentive for us to ensure occupancy.
   2. We handle all maintenance and tenant related issues while insuring you, the landlord is completely informed at all times.
   3. Payment follow up: including the collection of the rental payment from the tenant and delivery to the landlord.
   4. We can where requested recommend other professional services such as accountants and lawyers ensuring your peace of mind when dealing with the Hungarian taxation and legal systems.
   5. Since Hungary Property Line also deals with sales through its association with ReMax Real Estate Agency, we are well positioned to advise on further investments in the market.
   6. We can also find tenants for your property even if you wish to retain your current management company.
   7. Hungary Property Line is growing fast and with our pre-described limit of 80 properties, it would be our pleasure if your investments formed part of this unique portfolio.

If you would like any further information, do please Contact Us.

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